Flight attendant shares one of her favorite underrated cities

TikToker and flight attendant Noelle Cors (@noellecors), who loves having layovers in “low-key cities,” had viewers guess the “random” city she’s super excited to be in. Viewers correctly welcomed her to Omaha, Nebraska.

Cors is a Chicago-based flight attendant who’s garnered a large following for her videos. She talks about life in the air and life on the ground between flights. 

Recently, Cors shared a video in which she expressed how excited she is to have a layover in one of her favorite “low-key” cities. After describing what she plans to do during her visit, she had fellow TikTokers guess which city she’s talking about. Many clever viewers offered her a warm welcome to Omaha.

“Random cities are the best places to have layovers,” Cors states at the beginning of the clip. She explains that she has a 30-hour layover in one of her favorite cities that she fell for on a previous layover.

“I have been dying to have a layover here again because there’s a restaurant that I want to go to, and it was so good, I’ve been dreaming of it ever since,” Cors shares before raving about the “super cute” downtown area.

“Most of you have probably heard of this town before, and you probably had no desire to ever go there, but I’m here for 30 hours, and I couldn’t be more excited,” Cors enthuses. After having viewers guess the city she’s describing, she reveals that she’s in Omaha, Nebraska, at the end of the video.

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Many savvy viewers, echoing Cors’s fondness for small cities, were dead-on in their assumptions that she was in Omaha.

“I’m a flight attendant and guessed where you were before you finished. Love Omaha,” one user mentioned. 

“Small cities are underappreciated! I love Omaha, [Nebraska], Des Moines, [Iowa], Sioux Falls, [South Dakota]. Oklahoma City, [Oklahoma], and even Bismarck, [North Dakota] and Cheyenne, [Wyoming],” shared one TikToker. 

“I knew it was going to be Omaha! I lived downtown for several years. It’s a great spot. What restaurant?” one viewer inquired, to which Cors replied, “Block 16,” even dedicating a separate TikTok to the spot. 

Based on Cors’s experience and the response from viewers, Omaha might be the next up-and-coming travel destination. 

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