TikTok stunned by how intense flight attendant training is

A flight attendant took to TikTok to share a “small snippet” of the amount of training it takes to do her job — and it’s a lot.

Danesha Anglin (@classyfiedlife) shares all sorts of information about her traveling lifestyle — from vacation tips to travel hacks. But one recent TikTok caught the attention of over 3 million people as Anglin divulged what flight attendant training really looks like.


Here’s a small snippet of some moments from my flight attendant training. This month it will be two years since graduation. #flightattendantlife #flightattendant

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Some of the footage Anglin includes shows her working out, extinguishing a fire, jumping into water wearing a life vest, opening the door for an emergency exit, CPR class and studying with a friend.

As one commenter put it, Anglin proves that flight attendants do all of this and more “while wearing skirts and kitten heels.”

In another video, Anglin shared that a common misconception about becoming a flight attendant is needing to go to flight school first. Anglin clarified that all you need to do is apply and that some customer service experience on your résumé is always a plus.

But it’s not that easy to become one. Airlines can take anywhere between three and six months to go through the hiring process, and it’s estimated that airlines get over 1 million applications a year for only 5,000 spots.

A Delta flight attendant told Insider in 2017 that it’s allegedly harder to get invited to the Delta Flight Attendant training center than it is to get into Harvard. According to Delta, in 2016, 150,000 people applied to be a flight attendant and only 1% got offers.

Commenters on Anglin’s video were shocked at how much thorough training flight attendants endure.

“Knowing our attendants go through such training always makes me feel so safe to have them on board,” one person said.

“Most don’t realize flight attendants are also first responders, [and] do an amazing job for our travel safety!” another added. “Thank you!!!!”

“Okay y’all in the Navy at this point,” a commenter joked.

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