What is Flip Day? Why TikTok stars are telling their fans to check out Triller

This might sound dramatic, but TikTok influencers are staging a mutiny. OK, maybe not exactly, but something is definitely going on.

You may have noticed that for months some of TikTok’s most-followed influencers have been posting videos asking people to check out their Triller profiles. That’s because megastars like Charli D’Amelio and Noah Beck are urging their followers to celebrate “Flip Day” — by trying out a rival app.

What is Flip Day? 


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Flip Day is a TikTok trend where influencers post half of a video with the other half to be continued over on Triller. D’Amelio will post half a dance routine on TikTok with the second part uploaded to her Triller profile, for example. The trend first began when it appeared TikTok could be banned in the U.S. but has since continued.

What is Triller? 

So why Triller? Triller is TikTok’s rival app. Founded in 2015 by Proxima Media, its interface is extremely similar to TikTok in that it has endless scrolling, short videos and music, skewing more towards hip-hop.

Some TikTok users have made big investments in Triller. Josh Richards joined as chief strategy officer, while Griffin Johnson and Noah Beck are advisors and equity shareholders. 

That might be because Triller’s business model could mean more profits for creators. Rather than relying on revenue from ads, Triller allows influencers to source money from fans, advertisers and partnerships with record labels. 

Is TikTok getting banned? 

After a number of pushbacks and appeals, TikTok was set to be banned in the U.S. on Nov. 12 following an executive order back in August, but that was halted by a judge in response to a lawsuit filed by two of the apps stars.

The Justice Department can still appeal, but it doesn’t look like TikTok is going anywhere any time soon.

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