A broom that appears to be floating has TikTok users astounded

A TikToker spotted a flying broomstick. Now people are determined to figure out what it really is. 

A few days after Halloween, on Nov. 3, an Amazon driver captured footage of a broomstick soaring in midair. There was no witch flying it, no detectable strings and it didn’t look like an optical illusion. TikTokers are theorizing what mysterious force could be behind the broomstick. Here’s everything we know so far.

TikToker spots flying broomstick 

Lucca, an Amazon driver, stumbled across the broomstick while making deliveries. 

“Out making deliveries and what is this? There’s a floating broom. Look, it’s just floating. There’s no wire. There’s nothing it’s connected to,” Lucca said. “We eventually drove off and it stayed floating.” 

Lucca pointed at the view of the broomstick from the car window. The broomstick appeared very high in the air, parked in place amongst the clouds. The driver even got out of his car to show a different angle of the unidentified flying object. There was nothing to indicate what was causing the broomstick to levitate.


HE DELETED HIS VIDEO!!!??? 😭😭 IT WAS A FLOATINF BROOM PEOPLE! #fypシ #themysteriousfloatingbroomoftiktok

♬ original sound – Lucca

In a follow-up video, Lucca explained that his friend accidentally deleted the original footage. But the driver reiterated that the broomstick didn’t appear to be a drone or have any wires attached to it. 

TikTokers theorize about the flying broomstick 

Although the mystery of TikTok’s flying broomstick has yet to be debunked, people are speculating (and joking) about what could be behind it.

“THIS IS MY NEIGHBORHOOD it’s attached with fishing string across two trees,” a person alleged

“It’s someone’s drone hooked up to a broom,” another said

“A glitch in the simulation,” someone commented

“Harry Potter with the invisibility cloak,” a user theorized

“That’s the new Tesla broom, it’s just on autopilot right now,” a TikToker joked

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