Woman discovers ‘secret’ floor safe while vacuuming in her new home

A new homeowner is going viral after revealing the mysterious “secret” floor safe she found hiding beneath her carpet.

TikTok user @imthefookinlizardking bought her new home in November. But it wasn’t until a few months later, while vacuuming her carpets, that she noticed something unusual about the place.

As it turns out, there was a locked safe hiding within her floor.

The discovery is part of an ongoing viral trend, in which TikTokers have shared strange discoveries about their homes. In the past, users have found hidden manholes, secret cave-like rooms and board game pieces holding their place together.

In @imthefookinlizardking’s video, she showed the safe’s location under her carpet, as well as the fact that it was locked shut.

“How the heck do I open it?” she wrote in a caption.

In a series of follow-up videos, the TikToker went on to explain how she found the safe — plus her many attempts to get it unlocked. Eventually, she found a “safecracking expert” who was willing to help.

The final video shows what @imthefookinlizardking found once the safe was finally open. In the clip, she and the safecracker, Jim, pull open the now-unlocked safe to find … nothing.


Secret tunnel? More like secret bummer ☹️ thanks for going on this wild ride with me. Jim loves you all. And yes, he was as cool as we thought.

♬ original sound – imthefookinlizardking

While @imthefookinlizardking seemed a little disappointed by the reveal, TikTok commenters were still extremely intrigued. Many chimed in to suggest how she could use it.

“Do you have the code? At least now you have a cool safe,” one user wrote.

“Well, now it’s up to you to put something really cool in there for the next people,” another commenter suggested.

“Previous homeowners are watching this laughing,” another joked.

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