Man dramatically takes revenge on allegedly cheating ex-girlfriend

When your friend breaks up with their significant other, you have a few options.

You can remind your friend that their time was not wasted and breakups are a part of life, you can try to help them see things from the other person’s perspective or you can blindly support your them and condemn the ex.

I tend to go with the last one, and TikTok user Ivan Cervantes, who goes by the username elhispanic100, did as well in this instance — though it was a bit more extreme than what I would say is normal.

He shared a video, which has now been viewed over 3.4 million times, in which one of his friends dismantles his allegedly cheating girlfriend’s hardwood with a floor scraper.

“When your gf cheats but you paid for her floor,” Cervantes wrote in the caption.

Most people found the friend’s dramatic reaction to be completely acceptable.

“That’s a whole new level of petty I love it,” one user wrote.

“She has lost floor privileges,” another said.

“Way better than slashing tires and breaking windows,” a third commented.

Cervantes graciously uploaded footage of the ex confronting his friend over the floorboards — and it’s now been viewed 1.7 million times.

“You’re so freaking childish. No wonder I cheated on you. I needed a man,” the ex said. “Maybe you didn’t turn into a man because your dad wasn’t even in your life, because he didn’t even want you. You piss me off so much. This is why you don’t amount to anything because you’re so f****** childish.”

In yet another video, Cervantes shared more details about the breakup and what motivated his friend to go to such extremes.

He said that his friend had been dating the ex for three years and thought he was going to marry her — but then he learned she cheated.

Halfway through the dramatic demolition, the friend started to feel bad about what he was doing, but that didn’t last long. After she confronted him in the car, he decided to take the floorboards he’d torn up and throw them in a massive fire.

“Since you already walked all over my boy’s heart, have fun walking over nothing,” Cervantes said in a final message to the ex.

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