Florida beachgoers call 911 after stumbling upon bizarre sight: ‘That would scare the hell out of me’

A volunteer for an environmental nonprofit was doing a cleanup on a beach in Perdido Key, Fla., when she thought she saw a dead body.

The volunteer, named Kathleen, reported the incident to Ocean Hour, the nonprofit where she was a volunteer. Kathleen told the group she believed she was looking at a decapitated body, and someone nearby apparently called 911.

Fortunately for everyone, it turned out to be a store mannequin covered in barnacles.

Ocean Hour shared the story on Facebook on Nov. 16 along with a few photos that explain why Kathleen was terrified to stumble upon the sight.

“Volunteer Kathleen was walking the intercoastal side in Perdido Key…when she came across what she thought was a dead, decapitated body. Another visitor had even called 911,” Ocean Hour wrote. “Upon further investigating, she realized it was a mannequin!”

It’s unclear how long the mannequin was in the water or where it came from.

“We are glad it wasn’t a real body!” Ocean Hour concluded.

“Looking at the picture I can definitely see why they thought it was real,” one Facebook user commented.

“That would scare the hell out of me if I found it,” another added.

A lot of weird things seem to occur on Florida beaches. Back in August, a Florida man paddled almost directly into a bull shark while kayaking — all while recording the terrifying account and later uploading it to TikTok.

“Oh my god, that’s a big a** shark,” the man says in one of his videos, as a giant bull shark circles his kayak. “What is going on? Holy f***.”

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