Florida woman finds ‘little friend’ living in her outdoor sink: ‘A nightmare’

A TikToker was spooked by a creature she found living in her outdoor sink. 

Florida-based chemistry professor @chemicalkim shared a video where she asked her 1.1 million followers to guess what the wild animal was. She wondered if it was a lizard, frog or snake because she doesn’t live too far from the Everglades. Naturally, people on TikTok posted their best guesses. 

“With the pool, I thought it would be great to have an outside bathroom,” she said. “There’s a shower and, of course, using the facilities without having to go outside all wet after being in the pool. But I came to the sink, and I have a little friend.” 

She showed her outdoor bathroom, which looked pretty innocuous. That was until she got closer to the sink. There was a head and a set of eyes lurking inside the drain, but the small creature didn’t appear to flinch. 

The spooky video racked up 6.2 million views on TikTok. 

“Looks like a nope to me,” a user said

“I was holding my phone away from my face because I really thought something was gonna pop off,” another wrote

“That’s for sure my ex-husband. I always wonder where he ended up,” a person commented

“It’s a nightmare, and I no longer trust any of the plumbing,” a user added.

In the end, most people suspected it was a Cuban tree frog. The pests are invasive in Florida because they can harm other ecosystems, but they are adorable, nonetheless, as a user noted. 

“Cuban tree frog! Invasive but very sweet babies,” a TikToker replied

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