TikToker warns viewers to ‘stop’ leaving flour in the bag: ‘Scarred for life’

TikToker Melissa Rose (@designeatrepeat) shared a clever hack for keeping bugs out of flour, and viewers were alarmed to find out that bugs appearing in a bag of flour was something that could even happen!


And YES, I’ve had it happen and I’m scarred for life 🤮🚨 The containers I use are on my Amazon page! #baking #tiptok #didyouknow #lifeadvice #springcleaning

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Rose is a food blogger who frequently posts easy and unique dessert recipes “for the butter-loving baker.” Recently, Rose shared a video in which she explains how bugs can get into flour and what you can do to keep them out. While viewers found the brilliant hack to be helpful, it also left them feeling a bit unnerved. 

“You know that there are these tiny bugs that are attracted to flour,” Rose mentions at the beginning of the clip, over footage of her sifting through flour to show viewers the weevil bug image lying at the bottom of the bag. 

Rose explains that weevils “will lay their eggs in that glue strip” at the opening of the bag of flour

To prevent the pesky bugs from invading the flour, Rose recommends storing the flour in an air-tight container, rather than in the bag. 

“And yes, I’ve had it happen and I’m scarred for life,” Rose wrote on her TikTok post.

In the comments section, Rose goes into further detail, saying that while the weevils do hide in the seals, they’re also often already in the bag when you buy the flour. 

“The container helps keep them from getting in or out, so at least they stay constrained [because] they can also come from other products (rice, pasta, etc.) and then get in open bags of flour,” she states. 

“The reason why you should always sift your flour”

Viewers found the flour trick both helpful and distressing, with many unaware of the existence of such bugs

“I miss the person I was a few seconds ago,” one user mentioned. 

“Help, I’m just [going to] act like I never saw this before I get traumatized,” joked one TikToker. 

“Also, the reason why you should always sift your flour,” one viewer recommended. 

After seeing Rose’s video, there’s no doubt that people will be extra vigilant when storing their pantry products

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