Fluffy dog accumulates a mountain of fur after being brushed

If you love fluffy dogs, you’re probably already one of the YouTube channel MochaMilk’s 1.1 million subscribers. 

For the uninitiated, the channel follows the lives of Mocha, a Pomeranian and German Spitz mix, and Wooyoo (milk in Korean), a Samoyed. Wooyoo, like other members of her breed, is white, large and very fluffy. As an experiment, her owner collected the dog’s sheddings for just three days. The results are incredible. 

“Since Wooyoo is going through a shedding season right now, I thought it will be a good time to show you guys how we take care of Wooyoo’s coat, as well as find out how much hair is hiding under her coat,” the video caption said

In the vlog, the massive dog is combed by her owner. He instantly removed chunks of hairballs as Wooyoo sat patiently on the couch. 

“Only a few days of improper care can lead to mats and knots, which can lead to skin diseases and ultimately, shaving of the affected area,” the owner says in the video

After combing Wooyoo’s hair, section by section, (with a few treat breaks) there was a lot of fur. The owner saved up three days worth of hair sheddings and placed them in a pile. Then Wooyoo sat nestled in the furballs. 

The already-huge dog looked like a mountain of snow. Eventually, the dog even fell asleep inside of its own little fur igloo. 

The video received 4.9 million YouTube views. This level of floof is hard to resist on the internet. 

“Imagine your fur being able to fuel a country for five years,” one user joked.

“Keep brushing and you will find that you never had a dog, just a bundle of fur,” another said.  

“Who needs sheep?” someone added

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