FlyQuest is a League of Legends team gaming to save the environment

FlyQuest is a competitive League of Legends team with a mission.

Tricia Sugita is the CEO of FlyQuest, a professional esports team that’s scoring big wins on and offline. Sugita spoke with In The Know about how the team has pioneered using its massive esports platform to address social causes like climate change.

“At FlyQuest our company vision is to showcase greatness and that is the belief that greatness already exists within everyone,” Sugita told In The Know. “So for us, what we’re trying to show is that greatness manifests in many different ways. Winning is definitely one of them but also helping people, being vulnerable and just putting yourself out there and doing the right thing.”

FlyQuest has launched several environmental campaigns, like Tree Quest.

“What we did was plant trees. So every single kill, every single win and every Ocean Drake as part of the game, equaled planting trees,” Sugita told In The Know. “This was the first time in the history of esports that anybody attached such a big cause, such as environmental change to competitive success.”

After positive feedback from fans, FlyQuest launched Sea Quest a similar program where in-game wins translated into a $14,000 donation to the Coral Reef Alliance.

“It’s important for us at FlyQuest to give the fans something to cheer for, even when we’re not winning,” vice president of content Ricky Gonzalez told In The Know. “So if we’re not having our best day on the rift, we can at least show that, hey, we donated $150 dollars to the Coral Reef Alliance or to the to help the world.”

FlyQuest made the 2020 League of Legends World Championship, Sugita hopes their rising prominence will further amplify the team’s message.

“I personally would love to see esports really focus on creating a positive safe space for everyone because gaming doesn’t have any barriers,” Sugita told In The Know. “You can connect with anyone throughout the world. All you have to do is play the game.”

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