Follow these six Black women activists to elevate your social media feeds

While the 24/7 (bad) news cycle on social media can be overwhelming, curating your feed with empowering and educational voices can drown out the noise. Maybe you’re a Black woman looking to see more of yourself on the timeline, or maybe you’ve realized you need to broaden the kinds of voices you follow. 

No matter who you are, these five Black women activists offer nuanced takes on a wide range of topics including race, gender and LGBTQ+ issues.

Monique Melton is an anti-racist educator, podcast host and speaker. On her platform, Melton offers guidance on how to do the necessary work of dismantling the very racism they benefit from. The expert’s Instagram largely focuses on education for non-POC audiences.

Model and activist Adwoa Aboah is the founder of GURLS Talk, an online community for young women to discuss mental health issues. Aboah’s Instagram celebrates the beauty of Blackness and womanhood.

Ericka Hart, M.Ed., is a Black, queer femme activist, writer and award-winning sexuality educator. The cancer-survivor made waves when she publicly went topless to reveal her double mastectomy scars in 2016. The current adjunct faculty member at Columbia University’s School of Social Work uses her social media presence to educate, inform and inspire others about issues regarding Blackness.

Critically acclaimed historian, author and activist Blair Imani uses her platform to center women, global Black communities and LGBTQ+ issues. A bisexual Muslim, there is no shortage of colorful headscarves and hijabs amongst her political commentary, sense of humor and daily musings on Instagram and Twitter.

Tamika D. Mallory is co-founder of Until Freedom, an intersectional social justice organization with an anti-racist platform. In 2017, Mallory was featured in the Time 100 as a leading organizer in the Women’s March. The activist’s Instagram is devoted to mobilizing efforts around racial justice.

In The Know’s former Senior Beauty Editor Jamé Jackson is an activist who focuses on the intersectionality of race, gender and culture on fashion and beauty. Jackson founded the blog The Blonde Misfit, which focuses on amplifying Black and brown voices in the fashion and beauty industry. Listen to her podcast and follow her Instagram and Twitter for stories, round-ups and, of course, memes.

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