Food blogger Melissa Johnson creates unlikely dessert combos

Food influencer and mom of two Melissa Johnson has taken desserts to a whole new level.

The Sacramento, California-based lifestyle expert, whose blog is called Best Friends for Frosting, is combining unlikely ingredients to create such mystifying concoctions as dessert hot dogs and potato chip brownies. Talk about a flavor explosion in your mouth!

“Want to make hot dogs for dessert?” Johnson asks. “Let’s do it!”

First up is her banana and jelly hot dog. Johnson slathers a layer of peanut butter onto her hot dog bun before adding the peeled banana. Then she drizzles jelly over the banana to make it look like a ketchup swirl.

Chocolate, chocolate — and more chocolate

Next, it’s time for her potato chip brownies. To make this salty-sweet treat, Johnson fills a baking dish with brownie batter, sprinkles on some chocolate chips and layers the top with potato chips. Then she adds more chocolate chips for good measure before baking. Why not, right?

Johnson’s last chaotic dessert turns grilled cheese sandwiches on their head. (Oh, and there’s actually no cheese at all in this recipe.) This pièce de résistance is a peanut butter, bacon, banana, chocolate grilled sandwich. On her first slice of bread, Johnson adds a layer of peanut butter, then she sprinkles on some chocolate chips, then tops those with round slices of banana, adds another sprinkle of bacon, and then throws that sandwich on the stove to cook.

As an easy bonus dessert, Johnson shares how to make chocolate-dipped potato chips. Who knew that would sound so delicious?

Obviously, it pays to get creative in the kitchen!

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