Server claims customer sent back food because it ‘came out too fast’

A server was stumped when a table sent their food back because they didn’t like the timing. 

TikToker @racheldont recorded herself right from the restaurant she worked from. She couldn’t believe the way a group of customers behaved after ordering drinks and food. To make matters worse, she had no idea how to accommodate their bizarre request. 

“Imagine ordering food and sending it back because it came out too fast,” the video text read

A table ordered food but told her to wait until after their drinks came. She waited until 10 minutes after their drinks came and brought out their order. They told the servers that they didn’t order food. 

“They were like, ‘We wanted it after our second round of drinks.’ Well, you didn’t say that,” she explained

The server was left with their meal in the kitchen, unsure of what to do with it. 

TikTokers were no stranger to some of the serving nightmares out there. 

“A man yelled at me today because he had 9 chicken wings, but the menu said it would be 8. Serving is wild,” a user wrote

“Bro I had someone make me hold their food till they finished their drinks. Then were mad it was cold,” another said

“It baffles me how ppl get so mad at you for not knowing information that they didn’t tell you,” a person commented

“Then don’t order until you’re ready to eat,” someone added

“I’ve had someone make like a huge deal about that so ridiculous like I’m sorry you’re mad because you got your food hot and fresh?” a TikToker replied

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