Food TikTok’s newest trend is this crunchy rice dish you’ve never heard of

You’ve heard of the tortilla hack, feta pasta, and “nature’s cereal.” But the best TikTok food is a dish you’ve probably never heard of: Tahdig! Tahdig is a Persian dish made from crispy rice that forms at the bottom of the rice pan. It’s crunchy, it’s delicious, and it’s really satisfying to watch people make it. But words alone can’t do tahdig justice— it’s time to see why Tahdig TikTok is one of the best things on the internet. 

The flip. It’s all about the flip.

One of the final steps in cooking tahdig is flipping the pan upside down, so that the crispy bottom becomes the top of the dish. Accomplishing the perfect flip takes years of experience, but seeing a tahdig master nail the flip is a sight to behold. The flip is one thing, but then there’s the reveal. No tahdig performance is complete without that first glimpse of crispy deliciousness when the pot is raised. There are tons of tahdig flip videos on TikTok, so feel free to dig in. 

If ASMR was a food, it would be tahdig


Happiness is tahdig: crispy herbed rice edition. Not sure what will happen to TikTok so IG: mamanandme #fyp #foryou

♬ Dog Days Are Over – Florence & The Machine

Turn up that volume! From the first crunch of the serving spoon breaking the crispy layer, to the consistent crackling of the spoon mixing the rice, the sounds of tahdig are almost as amazing as the taste. This is the type of content TikTok was made for. 

The flavor options are endless


#Ranking a few of my mom’s incredible tahdig. Everyone’s a winner. #fyp #foryou

♬ Rating – astuanta

Tahdig can be made with plain basmati rice, but the dish is a great template for playing with strong flavors and spices. Traditional recipes include herbed tahdig and saffron tahdig. The chicken wing tahdig from the second clip looks particularly delicious. Some non-traditional recipes include buffalo chicken tahdig and sweet potato tahdig, which you can see in the first clip. What they lack in authenticity they more than make up for in looking amazing. 

Hungry yet? Here’s how to make it


Golden Crispy Rice…Persian Tahdig!My most requested recipe! Full recipe &tips on my website💗#fyp #tahdig #persian #foodtiktok #tahdigtiktok #foryou

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE – Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Now that you’re a tahdig aficionado, it’s time to try making your own. Tahdig is a tricky dish to make, especially the epic flip at the end, but the crunchy reward is well worth the journey. That being said, if you’d rather salivate over the videos all day and wait until your chef friends invite you over for a Persian feast, that’s ok too.  

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