Foodie blog comes up with adorable animal-shaped tapioca balls for boba

The Instagram account crave4sweet combines cuteness with confections. The Toronto-based food blog is home to sloth-shaped tangyuan — a Chinese dessert that’s made of sweet rice balls with a sesame filling — llama cookies and a Pusheen unicorn cake. But Sally, the cook behind it all, might be a tapioca pearl master. 

Tapioca pearls are the little, chewy, translucent balls, usually made of tapioca and starch, that you find at the bottom of a boba drink. Sally makes her own by hand and they’re just as adorable as her other treats. There are koala bearfrog and fish tapioca balls in playful black, white, green and blue colors. 

“There are only two ingredients (tofu and tapioca flour),” Sally explained on Instagram. “I typically just add enough tapioca flour and keep kneading the mixture until I reach a Play-Doh-like texture and nothing sticks to my hand. As for coloring, you can use juice from fruits/vegetables or edible food coloring. I have tons of fun in making these and hope you have fun too!” 

Sally’s penguin tapioca balls were a hit with her followers. The small black pearls with white faces and black noses are almost too charming to eat.

“I would buy these right now,” one Instagram user commented

“These are honestly so cool and cute,” another wrote

“I am going to lose my mind these are so cute,” someone added

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