After two girls gossiped about a man, his response led to the ‘loudest scream’

A man’s response to a “foreign language” TikTok trend has become a hit on the social media platform after he shared his entertaining story with this followers.

On Feb. 1, Afghani-Briton user @hamedarif spoke about how, one day in Thailand, he was about to take an elevator up to his hotel room on the 16th floor when two Korean girls supposedly walked in and pressed the button to the 15th floor.

“So I’m standing at the front of the lift, and they’re standing behind me, and we’re the only three people in the lift,” he says in the TikTok. “And then they start talking.”


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One of the girls allegedly spoke highly of the TikToker in Korean, calling him “handsome.”

“He looks like [South Korean actor and model] Lee Min Ho,” @hamedarif, who identifies himself as simply Hamed on Instagram, recalls the other girl saying. “He doesn’t look Thai. He’s foreign.”

“I’m literally standing there, like, grinning, like with the biggest grin on my face,” Hamed tells his followers. “I’m like, ‘I gotta tell them I know what they’re talking about.'”

Right after the girls got off on their floor, Hamed says he decided to blurt out something back to them as the elevator doors closed.

“I’m like, ‘Now or never,'” he says. “So I shouted [in Korean], ‘I’m from London.’ I think it probably took them like a second to register what had just happened because, a second later, there was the loudest scream I’ve ever heard in my life.”

Hamed’s clip has since received over 780,000 views and hundreds of comments from users who couldn’t get enough of the wholesome moment.

“Damn I would be walking like I own the world,” one person wrote.

“Omg that must have really made your day,” another added.

“Lol! That’s awesome,” a third commented. “Super cute story.”

Hamed’s TikTok is one of many replies to the “foreign language” TikTok trend that user @liv_iathan created. In @liv_iathan’s own case, she says she was at a cafe in Budapest when a group of men called her and her friends “stupid American girls” in Hungarian. Instead of replying to them, @liv_iathan says decided to pay them back by ordering her drinks in Hungarian — all while doing it right in front of them.


I’m so ready for these stories ##foryou ##fyp

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In another TikTok, user @reevcon recalls how he went to a Macy’s department store in New York and asked a sales associate for a specific bottle of cologne. The sales associate allegedly told him in English that the store only had a large bottle of the cologne but later revealed in Spanish to a coworker that she was simply trying to pull a quick one. Not to be outdone, @reevcon says he responded to her in Spanish and demanded that she give him a smaller bottle.


##stitch with @liv_iathan it was my first week in NYC as well

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Undoubtedly, the “foreign language” TikTok trend has shared one important lesson, if anything. It’s probably best to be careful who you talk about — no matter where you are and what language you speak in.

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