Former Build-A-Bear employee shares ‘wild’ perk of working for the store

Apparently, working at Build-A-Bear Workshop has some unexpected perks.

At least, that’s according to Janie Frank. The TikTok user claims she used to work at the stuffed animal store and shared the “best part” about her job.

The answer? Miniature horses (to be clear, the real, not-stuffed kind).

Frank recorded a video explaining that, coincidentally, the store’s shoes are “perfectly sized” to fit a mini-horse’s hooves.

Because the animals can act as a service animal, customers would allegedly bring their horses into the store to try on shoes. Frank knows the whole thing sounds crazy, but she has the receipts.

“I knew you wouldn’t believe me, so here’s the picture,” the TikToker says in her video, before showing a photo of a man standing in line with his horse.


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TikTok users were blown away by the revelation, calling Frank’s video “wild” and “incredible.”

“Don’t be shy, tell us more,” one user wrote.

“So you’re not gonna show us the horse wearing [the] shoes?” another asked.

Some users were upset by the images, noting that Frank shouldn’t have taken a photo of a service animal without its owner’s permission. Thankfully, the TikToker followed up in the comments to clarify that she had asked the owner first.

Frank also noted that there was plenty of “weird s***” about working at the store, but overall, she loved her job.

“Legit such a great job overall and such a great gang at my store,” she wrote in the comments. “I loved every second of it and sobbed on my last day.”

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