Former Dairy Queen employee forgets she no longer works at Dairy Queen and spills soda everywhere

A former Dairy Queen employee has become a viral TikTok sensation after she forgot she no longer worked at Dairy Queen and accidentally treated a soda like a Blizzard.

On Sept. 5, TikTok user guacman22 uploaded a video of his encounter with the confused fast food employee. The teen was at the Whataburger drive thru when the ex-Dairy Queen worker walked up to his car and flipped a lidless cup of soda upside down.

“Sorry, I used to work at Dairy Queen,” the fast food worker offered as an explanation. (According to Mental Floss, many Dairy Queen franchises offer customers a coupon for a free Blizzard if theirs isn’t served upside down, so employees are accustomed to turning drinks over.)

Thankfully, guacman22 was more entertained and upset — not unlike commenters, who noted that the encounter was “the funniest TikTok,” albeit cringeworthy.

“This is probably the funniest TikTok I’ve ever seen,” one person said. “I’m dying!”

“Bro I’d feel so bad,” another user added.

“This lowkey funny tho,” a third person noted.

Some users questioned the authenticity of the experience, noting that it was strange that guacman22 was recording the employee bringing him a soda to begin with.

“Why was he just recording out of nowhere,” one person asked.

“So [you] just casually are recording the person bringing [you] food? Totally not staged,” another user added.

“I record random people also, not staged at all,” a third person joked.

Staged or not, current and former Dairy Queen employees sympathized with the PTSD of instinctively flipping cups to avoid giving out coupons.

“If you know you know … DQ was my very first job,” one former employee said.

“My sister works at DQ and she said she always turns drinks upside down,” another person commented.

“This happened to me at McDonald’s and the girl dropped my ice cream,” a third person added. “She apologized and said she worked at Dairy Queen.”

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