Former McDonald’s employee reveals alleged ‘secrets’ she learned at work

If you’ve had a tough job before, you know how relieving it can be when you can finally walk away and talk about it.

TikTok user jodessy, whose name is Dessy Joseph, has been sharing “secrets” she said she uncovered while working at McDonald’s. She admitted that each location of the fast-food restaurant is different and she can only speak for the one where she worked.

Joseph has so many stories to tell about her time there, though, she’s uploaded a whopping 22 videos about her experience over the past few months — and she’s racked up millions of views in the process.

In her first video, Joseph made a number of shocking allegations.

She claimed that the ice cream machine at her store was rarely broken, but sometimes she and her co-workers would say it was so they didn’t have to change out the heavy bags of shake mix.

She also said that the sweet tea was made in a mop bucket, then clarified in a comment that it was not the same bucket used to clean the floors — just a similar-looking container, which she displayed in a later video.


In 2020, not every McDonald’s has a machine. Thanks for the video @Meghanis.super #jodessy #greenscreenvideo #mcdonalds #jodessysecrets

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In her second video, Joseph shared the one menu item she would never dare to order herself — the caramel sundae.

She said they keep the sundae toppings in bins at the base of the sundae machine, which then gets hot and collects condensation.

“Condensation plus tight, closed spaces equals mold,” she alleged in the video.

She claimed that her fellow employees would pour new topping on top of the moldy topping and call it a day.

“Do with that what you may, because I don’t eat that s*** and hopefully you don’t either,” she said.

Joseph didn’t just offer critiques for her former workplace in the series, though. In her tenth video, Joseph claimed that employees would cook popular items in advance, then let them sit on a warming belt until someone picked them up.

If you’re concerned about how long your food has been sitting out before you eat it, Joseph recommended ordering something without a particular condiment or topping to guarantee that the food is made fresh.

In part seven, she revealed that the way you order your meal can get you a “big discount.”

For example, if you’re ordering a Big Breakfast with Hotcakes but you don’t like potatoes, using the word “sub” to replace them with a different item doesn’t cost a thing — so saying “no hash brown, extra bacon,” would cost extra, but “sub hash brown for bacon,” would not.

Some commenters found her alleged secrets throughout the series to be enlightening.

“I worked at McDonald’s and these are all accurate,” one commenter wrote.

“Well thank you. Definitely done eating from fast food places … definitely never going to eat there ever again,” another user said.

Others didn’t agree at all.

“I worked there too and nothing has light up with my experience so far,” a user commented.

“I personally feel it depends on the franchise because some of the things we don’t do at mine. We don’t do a tea bucket we have canisters for them,” another wrote.

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