Former ‘Project Runway’ contestant designs ‘stunning’ ball gown with dollar store items

A former “Project Runway” contestant has a new take on a classic challenge.

It’s the one viewers look forward to and designers detest: the unconventional materials challenge. Los Angeles designer Gunnar Deatherage who appeared in season 10 and season four of the spinoff “Project Runway: Allstars” has worked with celebs like Ariana Grande, Sia and Katy Perry since his stint in reality TV. But Deatherage’s TikTok, gunnardeatherage, still feels like a spiritual sister to the show, providing a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process.

Deatherage re-did the show’s challenge where designers use everyday items to make wearable fashion, using stuff from The Dollar King. The designer opted for a palette of watercolor paints, fake pink flowers and coffee filters to make a gown. Just like in the show, the only conventional material he used was a cotton muslin for the bodice of the dress.

First, he cut the fake flowers into individual petals and covered the entire bodice in them. Deatherage then dyed 700 coffee filters pink using the paints. He made the dress’ skirt out of a plastic table cloth. Next, he hot glued each of the filters onto it. Finally, he sewed the skirt and the bodice together with his sewing machine.

The unconventional ball gown is a massive pink dress that looks like it’s made entirely of handsewn flowers. Meanwhile, the total cost was a mere $25. Deatherage’s dress racked up 1.1 million views on TikTok.

“The patience for those petals. Honestly, CEO of unconventional materials gowns,” one user commented.

“The dress is unreal. You are so talented,” another said.

“This is stunning,” someone added.

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