Former teacher explains culture shock in new job: ‘If you’re thinking about quitting, do it’

A woman on TikTok recently posted a video showing off her newfound happiness after leaving teaching and transitioning to a new career. 

Randi Smith (@randiismith) had made several TikToks throughout her teaching career and even posted when her last day was approaching. 

“Just letting everyone know that today was my last day as a teacher so I’ll be mentally available to hang out and do fun stuff now,” she wrote in her post. 

Smith now works at a “med spa/plastic surgery office” as a med spa coordinator. On her first day on the job, she made a video showing just how different her mood is outside of education. 

“As you can tell, I’m not exhausted. I’m not over-stimulated. I think I might go on a walk,” she said. 

She also touched on the little things that make the new job better.

“I asked to go to the bathroom and they were like, ‘Just go to the bathroom. You don’t have to ask me,’” she explained. “Then they showed me a whole entire supply closet. …What is that? Never seen one of those.”

Several people had similar reactions to the perks Smith was excited about when they began working a corporate job rather than being in education. 

“My first day in corporate I felt like I was being so naughty leaving campus for lunch,” said @loren.sloren.

“Literally same. And my hour lunch…to myself…. WHAT,” replied @joelydouglas.

With her new lifestyle and attitude, Smith encouraged others to follow her path and find a new job. 

“Overall, [I] had a really good day. If you’re thinking about quitting, you should do it.”

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