TikTokers throw unconventional gender reveal for new daughter: ‘So much joy and love’

These foster parents had an epic gender reveal for their 12-year-old daughter after they officially adopted her. 

Gender reveals have come under scrutiny recently, but it’s hard not to love this wholesome moment between an adopted daughter and her foster parents.

TikTok user @charlettefontaine uploaded the clip, and it’s racked up more than 1 million views and counting.


Adoption Day!! We finally got to adoption our beautiful foster daughter after 1240days in care! #adoption #newmom #itsagirl🎀

♬ original sound – Charlette Fontaine

After 1,240 days, Charlette and her husband finally legally adopted their foster daughter, and decided to celebrate the moment by doing a gender reveal party. Wearing celebratory Harry Potter-themed T-shirts that said “she’s a catch” and “she’s a keeper,” the parents decorated the living room with streamers and an “Adoption Day” banner.

“I wonder what it is!” said Charlette, filled with suspense.

Then, their daughter (wearing her own “chosen one” Harry Potter shirt) jumped into frame and popped the balloon, which burst with pink confetti. She then held up a sign that said: “It’s a girl, a 12-year-old girl.” 

While the internet is starting to feel some gender reveal fatigue, this fresh take on the trend had TikTok users buzzing.

“This is the only gender reveal I want to see. Excellent. So Wholesome,” read one comment, which got over 20k likes. 

“The only gender reveal that I wholeheartedly approve of. So much joy and love!!!” said another user. 

Other users commented on how important it is to adopt older children. As shown by this Statista Research Department chart, older children are adopted at a much lesser rate than younger children.

“Adopting children is really amazing. People don’t understand how hard it is for them to be adopted,” said one user. 

“As someone who was adopted at 15, this is absolutely wonderful!!!,” added another. 

Finally, a gender reveal ceremony that everyone can get behind!

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