Woman learns ‘life-changing’ hack from 4-year-old in Target: ‘OMG I just spit out my drink’

A 4-year-old shared her gas-passing hack to a woman standing in line at Target, and TikTok is cracking up.

When TikToker @Mrsstarx shared the hilarious life lesson online, she gained 11.4 million views and nearly 10,000 comments.

Now, like the mom who was mortified to discover her thong had been stuck to her child’s shoe all day long, the viral video is bringing joy and laughter to people all around the world!


In the now-viral video, @Mrsstarx recounts the hilarious details of her Target experience.

“So these are the moments in life I live for… I just got out of Target, and I was standing in line behind a mom and her daughter, waiting to check out,” she begins.

“The girl was goofing around, messing around, looking at me and smiling. Of course, I was obliging because I love these little moments. She’s showing me her pre-school folder, I think she looked about 4 or 5 maybe,” she continues. 

“Out of nowhere she looks at me and says, ‘Today I figured out that if I hold the sides of my butt’ — I can’t even get it out — ‘if I hold the sides of my butt open, my farts don’t make noises,'” she says between laughter.

“I started laughing, the girl started laughing, and the mom whips her head around like she was mortified. I said, ‘Don’t worry about it, this is life-changing news for me. Frankly, I was a little annoyed I hadn’t thought about this yet in my life.'”

“So if you’re the mom of Maggie Lucille that was in Target this morning in South Central Pennsylvania, your girl’s going places,” @Mrsstarx concludes.

As @Mrsstarx explained in the comments, she learned “Maggie Lucille’s” name when her mortified mom whirled around and used the girl’s full name. However, to protect the girl’s identity, @Mrsstarx explained that some details of the story had been changed.

‘This is why I work with kids. You just can’t get this kind of entertainment anywhere else!’

Thousands of TikTokers ran to the comments to share their reactions to the hilarious story.

“Thank you for making me laugh! I’ve seen so much sadness and anger in the last hour, you got me to laugh, thanks!” one user wrote.

“OMG I just spit out my drink,” another user commented, laughing-crying emojis in tow.

“She’s going places, alright. Silently,” joked another user.

“We could probably benefit from a whole series: Lifehacks… Preschooler Edition,” wrote another user.

“This is why I work with kids. You just can’t get this kind of entertainment anywhere else!” laughed another user.

Other TikTokers were inspired to share their own hilarious fart-related stories.

“Better than my toddler. He farted loudly in the grocery line and said MOMMY WHY’D YOU FART. When it was HIM!!!” one user shared.

“My mom once went to the bathroom at 3 a.m. and farted so loud it woke my dad up. She went back in the bedroom and he said, ‘Did you just holler my name?'” another user commented.

“I let one go while my husband was dead asleep. He half woke up and said, ‘Is someone knocking on the door?’ I was like, ‘No I dropped something,'” shared another user.

Both @Mrsstarx‘s viral TikTok and all of the hilarious comments it inspired prove that laughter truly is the best medicine — and sometimes, nothing is as funny as a good ol’-fashioned toot!

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