Francis Lola reveals how she creates content

Growing up, Francis Lola’s family members and friends would always ask her where she bought her clothes.

When she started her blog in February 2014, her intention was to just post outfit breakdowns and stories about her life as a merchandising student. Instead, it turned into a career.

Now, Lola’s Instagram account boasts more than 348,000 followers, and her accompanying YouTube channel has more than 18,000 subscribers. She considers herself a style blogger and a content creator.

“Becoming an influencer kind of happened by accident,” Lola told In The Know. “It just kind of fell into my lap, but it’s really fun.”

The behind-the-scenes work to make constant content for her different platforms is nonstop. Lola said she meets with her photographer for photoshoots around twice a week.

“I’ll pack my car with five, six outfits and then we’ll just run around and find some cool spots to shoot in,” Lola said. “I’m, like, changing in my car — it’s not that glamorous.”

Lola’s followers look to her for the best styles and newest trends, so she has to stay on top of the fashion world. Her advice for aspiring style bloggers is to start a relationship with a showroom, which can gift or loan clothes from brands they work with. Lola has worked with Infinity Creative Agency (ICA) since she started in 2014.

But even with a significant following and a relationship with ICA, Lola doesn’t want her momentum to slow down.

“I don’t like to tell myself that I’ve made it, I think it’s important to keep pushing. But I do like to take a step back and realize where I’m at.”

Currently, Lola’s face can be seen in ads in Sephora and on boxes of hair dye products for L’Oreal.

“I don’t want to be too celebratory because I want to keep challenging myself and push myself harder.”

A source of pride for Lola is the percentage of her followers who are Asian American because Lola herself is Asian American. While having hundreds of thousands of people watching her can feel nervewracking at times, she also feels honored to be an inspiration for other Asian American fashion and beauty lovers.

“It’s flattering that all of these people want to know what I have to say,” Lola said. “I think they love seeing how I do my makeup because Asian eyes are harder to work with and, so, I get a really good response with that.”

Watch the full episode of In The Know: Profiles to learn more about the work Francis Lola puts into her online brand and what she hopes to accomplish in the future. 

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