Who is Frankie Jonas? The ‘Bonus Jonas’ is taking over TikTok

As you may or may not know, there’s a fourth Jonas brother. Frankie Jonas, the so-called “Bonus Jonas,” was a kid when his big brothers were touring the world as a musical trio. 

Known for his offbeat humor and self-mockery, Frankie is taking over TikTok at warp speed.

TikTok (finally) verified Frankie in December. But the youngest Jonas has already scooped up an impressive following with 459,000 followers on TikTok and 492,000 on Instagram

How old is Frankie Jonas?

Frankie was born on Sept. 28, 2000 and is 20 years old. His three older brothers are Joe, Nick and Kevin Jonas of the pop-rock band the Jonas Brothers

He shares a lot of self-deprecating posts about being the ‘Bonus Jonas’.

The thing about Frankie is that he has a sense of humor about being the odd Jonas out. Take, for example, this TikTok where he crawled into the fetal position in the shower after being called the least famous JoBro. 

Frankie’s advice on how to get rich also poked fun at himself and his privilege. 

“Have famous brothers and get by on nepotism your whole life,” he said. 

He has an acting career, but he’s focusing on school at the moment.

Frankie acted when he was younger. He was a voice actor for the animated film Ponyo in 2009, appeared in Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam and recurred on Disney’s Jonas. 

He has since however switched gears. Frankie graduated with a degree in audio engineering from the Blackbird Academy Professional School of Audio in 2019. On Nov. 27, 2020, he announced on Instagram that he was going back to school as he stood in front of giant letters that spelled out Columbia. 

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