‘Embarrassed’ mom tries TikTok hack to get free Disney necklace from store

A mom says this TikTok hack to get a free Disney necklace really works. 

TikToker Nicki Marie heard a little rumor on social media that if you go into a certain Disney Springs store, you’re guaranteed a free necklace. The only way to know if a hack really works is to test it out. Marie went to the store to claim her free necklace. Here’s what happened. 

“TikTok made me do it. Go into this store, Luxury of Time, and ask for a free necklace. I was embarrassed to ask,” Marie explained. “I went up to the guy, and I was like, ‘I saw on TikTok…'” 

The man instantly knew what she was referring to and handed her a velvet pouch with the necklace in it. Marie gave her daughter the free gift. It was a silver chain with a gold and silver heart pendant and a crystal in the center. 

“He was like, ‘Do you know how many of these we give away a day?’ So it’s legit,” the mom said

And TikTokers seem stoked about the free necklace. 

“I went, and they told me, ‘Because of TikTok we ran out,’ but it’s true,” a user commented

“You get a free necklace at any Diamonds International. They have them all over the Bahamas and the Caribbean,” someone noted

“I went there a year ago, and they gave my daughter one,” a user wrote

Disney Springs, formerly Downtown Disney, is the company’s luxury shopping district at Disney World. At Luxury of Time by Diamonds International, children can receive the complimentary souvenir heart necklace. Some reports say no coupon is necessary, while others say you can find a coupon code on your Disney Springs map. 

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