5 free online games your toddler will love

Not all online games are created equal. And when it comes to your kids — especially toddlers — you want to make sure that they’re set up with games that are fun, appropriate, and if possible, educational. Here are some of our favorite online games for toddlers that are all totally free!

Daniel Tiger’s Dance Party

If your kids love the PBS Kids show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, this game is a great way to get your little neighbor moving and grooving. Kids dance along with their favorite characters, getting fun step-by-step dance instructions. From Miss Elaina’s “Robot” to Prince Wednesday’s “Royal Dragon March,” there are no shortage of options to get your little tiger up and moving around. Just make sure you stretch up those quads before joining in!

Alphabet BINGO

A perfect free online game for kids learning the alphabet, Alphabet BINGO teaches the ABCs in a fun format that many kids are already familiar with. Cute little characters say either the name of a letter or the sound that letter makes, and players have to select the corresponding letter on their board. The game has versions for both capital letters and lowercase letters. It makes learning the ABCs as easy as ABC!

Dinosaur Drag-Drop Game

This game is as simple as it gets, but that doesn’t make it any less fun for toddlers. Players have to drag the picture of a dinosaur to its matching shadow. If your kids prefer non-prehistoric options, Happyclicks offers similar games using toys, cars or school supplies. Just some simple fun to sharpen up those problem-solving skills!

Counting Pizza Party

The only thing more fun than a pizza party is learning how to count. This game has both! Counting Pizza Party lets kids make their own pizzas by correctly counting ingredients to match the customer’s order. Fun sounds and silly toppings provide laughs along the way, and kids will love making their own pies and seeing if they got all the ingredients right! To play, parents will have to make an account on Education.com, but it’s totally free. 

Nick Jr. Music Maker

The perfect free online game for future music producers, Music Maker lets kids make music by combining instruments and creating their very own Nick Jr. supergroups! Featuring characters from Paw Patrol, Bubble Guppies, Blaze and Monster Machines and more, Music Maker can be hours of fun for kids as they experiment with different sounds, instruments and characters. It turns out Peppa Pig has some serious drumming skills!

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