Woman thinks up ‘genius’ way to avoid paying for shipping on online orders

A savvy online shopper has come up with a brilliant way to avoid shipping fees entirely.

While buying some jeans on the American Eagle website, TikTok user Catherine Reigle decided to make a video showing off how she’s able to score free shipping on all her orders.

“So I wanted these jeans off American Eagle but there was nothing else that I wanted and there was free shipping for $50 or more,” she explained. “They were only $37.46.”

What did she do? She bought the difference in a $13 American Eagle gift card, which she can use later when she finds something on the website she’s actually interested in purchasing. The gift card brought her total to just over $50 — enough to score free shipping instead of paying $7.

Shoppers applauded Reigle for coming up with such a “genius” workaround.

“I usually just buy another item and return it for free,” one person said. “This is sorcery.”

“Why did I never think of this?” another asked.

“You really just changed the game for me thank you,” a third commented.

As some users pointed out, buying a $13 gift card ends up costing more than the $7 that American Eagle charges for shipping. However, while shipping fees are wasted, any money you spend on a gift card can be used toward future purchases. It will cost you more now, but it’s an economically sound decision in the long run.

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