Taco Bell customers are freaking out over the chain’s new giveaway

The thought of free Taco Bell has sent TikTok into a frenzy.

Taco Bell’s latest promotion promises a free meal to anyone who joins its rewards program. Signing up, which is as easy as downloading the Taco Bell app and making an account, immediately gives customers access to a free $5 Chalupa Cravings Box.

Now the deal — which essentially offers a free Chalupa Supreme, a taco, a burrito and a Baja Blast, all for clicking a few buttons — is going viral on TikTok. Many users are trying to spread the word, while others are trying to game the system.


IT WORKS!!! @1ksaav thanks for the heads up! #foryoupage #fyp #tacobell

♬ original sound – Thank you <3

Videos explaining the promotion — like the one above by user @soft5erve — have been spreading like wildfire. Sometimes TikTokers present the deal as a “hack” for getting free food — even though in reality, it’s a limited promotion that ends on Dec. 15.

The “hack” part comes from users claiming they’ve been able to cheat the system. Several TikTokers claimed they were able to sign up for several new rewards account and get a free meal each time.

“I’ve done this 3 times y’all IT WORKS,” one user wrote.

“I made 15 accounts, and went to 15 locations,” another claimed.

“It better work,” another added.

It’s unclear how difficult it actually is to game the system, since Taco Bell typically requires you to download its app in order to sign up. Still, plenty of TikTok users seem to at least be saying they’ve been snatching up multiple free meals.

If so, that could be a problem for everyone else. The promotion is set to expire early if more than 2.9 million free meals are claimed, so Taco Bell fans need to hurry if they want to get in on the deal.

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