Freediver gets a ‘mermaid haircut’ from an unusual sea creature

Beth Neale is a South African freediving champion. Freediving is when an athlete dives and remains underwater while holding their breath. While the average person can hold their breath for two minutes, Neale can hold hers for six — hence why she is often called a real-life mermaid.

The freediver documents her underwater adventures on Instagram. Just about every expedition looks majestic. It helps that she’s visiting crystal blue bodies of waters in Africa and Bermuda.

Neale is practically a real-life mermaid and can do things like, drink a bottle of Coca-Cola underwaterexplore shipwrecked boats and yes, she has even donned mermaid fins. And just like Ariel, Neal is known for making a few ocean friends like Leatherback turtles and dolphins

On one occasion, Neale got a haircut from a remora fish also known as a “suckerfish.” 

“Mermaid haircut!” she wrote in the caption. “Remora fish hang around looking for an animal to hitchhike and travel the oceans — using the suction cup on their head! ⁣” 

The small gray fish appears to nibble on Neale’s head, tugging at strands of hair and shaping her bangs. As always, the freediver looks as though she is in perfect harmony with the animals. Neale lets them do their thing rather than interfering with nature. 

The mermaid haircut received 179,000 views on Instagram

“The barber fish,” one user wrote

“This is the cutest fish I’ve ever seen,” another said

“I just don’t know how you do it laughing, smiling bubbles. Amazing,” one person added

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