Freeze toys for a fun and easy way to keep kids entertained in the warmer months: ‘This is so cool’

This mom on TikTok shared a fun, DIY treasure hunting activity for kids that only uses toys and a block of ice, and it’s a brilliant way to keep kids entertained!

TikToker Lauren Lowe (@theburlapbag) is a busy parent and co-owner of The Burlap Bag, an eco-friendly soy candle company, who often shares clips of parenting hacks and the inner workings of running a small business. One of Lowe’s videos features a fun sensory activity that involves hunting for treasure in a block of ice, and it’s an entertainment game changer. 

The clip begins with footage of Lowe arranging an assortment of toys in a shallow plastic bin. She instructs viewers to “pour 2 inches of water over some non-fragile toys.” 

Lowe pours in less water so the toys aren’t completely submerged, which makes it easier for her young children to mine for their treasure. However, older kids will definitely enjoy unearthing their loot through multiple layers of toys frozen in water. 

Once you’ve reached the desired toys to water ratio, place the bins in the freezer and collect your “excavation supplies,” such as play tools and squirt bottles filled with warm water to melt the ice.

Once the archaeological remains are frozen, pop them out of the container and let the kiddos have fun digging for treasure.

The toy archaeological dig proved to be successful for Lowe, as her kids spent almost a full half-hour on the project. 

Viewers were impressed by Lowe’s easy activity and its ability to hold her kids’ attention. 

“For 27 minutes?! Every second counts,” one user said with a string of prayer emojis. 

“This is so cool,” chimed in another TikToker. 

“I used to freeze my Batman figure [and] my Mr. Freeze and had the Ninja Turtles save him. Man, I miss those days,” one nostalgic viewer shared. 

If the comments are any indication, the ice block treasure hunt is a fun DIY project that stands the test of time.

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