How to make a ‘fried cheeseburger’ out of a standard Burger King Whopper

Is a fried cheeseburger really better than a standard fast-food burger?

This TikTok hack from popular creator @cheeseordesserts sure makes it seem that way. The home chef’s trick involves buying a fast-food burger from McDonald’s, Burger King or anywhere else and turning it into a cheesy, gooey, greasy, bread crumb-coated monstrosity.


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It almost seems like overkill. Fast-food burgers are already greasy and cheesy — and delicious — enough, so why take it to the next level? Because this burger looks really, really, really good.

And because that’s what we do here at In The Know. No viral recipe is too intimidating or too scary, even a giant burger dripping in oil.

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So, we went out to Burger King, bought a few Whoppers and decided to give this hack a whirl. To see what happened, watch the video above — or check out the recipe below.

How to make a fried cheeseburger

Here’s what you’ll need to pull this off:

  • Oil (vegetable or canola works best)
  • Flour
  • Bread crumbs
  • Eggs
  • Several slices of yellow American cheese
  • Your favorite fast-food burger

To start, clean out the burger by removing all the toppings and veggies — minus the bun, patty and cheese. Then, add four or five more cheese slices on top of the meat and put the burger back together.

Next, coat your burger in plenty of flour, drop it into a bowl of beaten egg wash and flip it around, being sure to cover every side. Finally, toss the burger in bread crumbs, being similarly thorough with the coating.

Now it’s time to fry. Heat your oil in a deep fryer or cast-iron skillet and wait until it starts to sizzle. Then, drop your burger in and fry it, occasionally using a spatula or spoon to pour more oil over the top. After it starts to get crispy, flip it and keep frying until everything is brown and fully encased in the coating.

Then it’s time to eat! These things come out hot, crispy and, most of all, very cheesy. We recommend slicing into it for a satisfying cheese pull.

As far as taste goes, we were sort of blown away by this thing. Fried burgers are somehow even yummier than their “regular” counterparts, largely due to the crunchy outside that opens up to a gooey, cheese-filled interior. This is easily one of the best recipe hacks we’ve tried.

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