Friends’ ‘cruel’ behavior shocks woman when she arrives late to their party: ‘Humiliated and disrespected’

A woman can’t believe how her friends treated her during a party. 

She asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. She and several friends were throwing a gathering where each person would bring something. She agreed to bring alcohol and extra supplies. When she told her friends she would arrive late because of work, she was heartbroken they didn’t save her any food

“My friends were going to have a fun party on Saturday,” the Reddit poster explained. “Lola was boasting all week about a delicious dish she makes out of lemon juice, shrimp and cucumbers. I was so looking forward to trying it. Saturday, I got work, it’s early and my tattoo is going to take more time than needed. I send a message and tell them I’m coming late, and if they could save me a little food. I finish my tattoo. Call them and ask if they need anything. They ask for some sauces, ice and a full pack of beers. I am exhausted and hungry. Get to the party. Give all the beer. NO FOOD. Anything. No chips, no meals, no nothing.”

When she confronted her friends about it, they didn’t seem to care very much at all. 

“I ask if I had been saved a little plate since I asked them several times,” the Reddit poster wrote. “Lola just tells me that, well, since I arrived late, I shouldn’t expect to get served stuff. That if I want, there are some leftovers of cucumber and lemon juice for me to try of the dish to taste. That I could fill myself up. Literally three cucumbers pieces, onions and lemon juice in the tray. I honestly felt humiliated and disrespected. Besides, they could have told me like, ‘Hey, we know you’ve been working and you stopped at the store, there is no food left for you, please bring something for you to eat.’ I was so sad, hangry and tears began pouring from my eyes.” 

Reddit users thought the poster should get some better friends. 

“They’re cruel,” one user said

“Imagine accepting a guest’s free booze when you can’t even offer them a meal!” another wrote

“Your ‘friends’ are pretty callous and thoughtless,” a person commented.

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