TikTok dubs ‘Friends’ filter the stuff of nightmares: ‘It’s giving skin suit’

Friends is one of the most popular sitcoms in the world. It’s no surprise the hit ’90s series has a huge following on TikTok

Someone created a Friends TikTok filter that instantly transforms you into each character from the show. The idea sounds cool in theory, but in execution, people find it to be hilariously lacking. Rather than making you appear as Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica, Phoebe or Joey, the filter makes it look like you’re wearing someone else’s skin. 

“I’m sorry. WTF is this filter?” Danielle said. “Who am I supposed to be?” 

The filter transformed her face into a man’s, but it wasn’t anyone she recognized. It certainly didn’t appear to resemble any member of the TV show. Danielle guessed that it might be Chandler. 

The next face she tried was a man with beard stubble. She couldn’t stop cracking up.

“Who is this? Who is this with the stubble?” she asked, laughing. 

But Danielle was stunned when her next face — of a woman with very high eyebrows and red lipstick — took over. 

“I’m at a loss,” she said

She continued to try on other faces, but all of them just made her laugh and were completely unrecognizable. 

“It’s giving skin suit,” a user commented

“It looks like you ripped these people’s faces off and put it over yours. The eye sockets are haunting on the male characters,” another joked

“The stuff of nightmares,” someone added

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