Friends surprise colorblind student on his birthday: ‘At a loss for words’

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it feels like to see color for the first time, get ready to live vicariously through McKinley “Mac” Erves

Erves, who is color blind, received a special gift from his friends for his 22nd birthday: a pair of glasses that broaden his color spectrum. Footage of an awestruck Erves seeing a bright red car and observing the vibrancy of a green bush outside his home went viral on Twitter on Jan. 4, 2021. 

“The fact that I hardly ever mentioned my want for color blind glasses and my friends literally went out of their way to get me a pair for my birthday just tells me how much they love my a** and I couldn’t have asked for better people to call my brothers!” Erves wrote in the Twitter video caption. 

In the video, he put on a pair of glasses with red lenses. Erves was visibly full of wonder and disbelief just looking at things so many of us take for granted. 

“Bro, there’s no way y’all see that s***,” Erves said as he gazed at the red car parked outside. “This is what y’all — bro, what? Bro, what?” 

The video received over 2 million views. Erves’ happiness was contagious.

“I was at a loss for words,” Erves told TODAY. “For them to actually go out of their way and remember and do something for me like that when I never expressed how badly I wanted the glasses, it made me feel really good.” 

The LaGrange College student from Georgia has a form of color blindness that makes it hard for him to discern different shades of green. His friends got him glasses by ONKE and in an instant, his everyday surroundings were transformed. 

“With the glasses, you see how things are supposed to be,” Erves told TODAY. “I’ve always seen what I’ve seen, but then when these glasses corrected my vision, it’s something I won’t forget.”

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