TikToker recalls frightening childhood experience he’s ‘surprised [he] survived’

As parents know all too well, kids have a way of getting themselves into trouble when left to their own devices. Seriously: If you leave a youngster alone for even just a few seconds, you can almost guarantee that there will be food on the floor or crayon on the white wall.

Usually, the mischief that kids cause is perfectly innocuous, albeit messy. However, there are also times when children wander off and end up in hazardous situations that would give any parent a panic attack.

Looking back on past events, most adults can recall at least one instance in which they put their parents and loved ones through the wringer as a child. Many TikTokers certainly can: In one of the latest viral trends on the platform, users are sharing stories from their childhood about things that happened to them that they’re “surprised [they] survived.”

On Feb. 9, TikTok user Colin Field kicked off the trend with his own story about how he was almost carried away by a Goodyear Blimp.


What do you think the airport staff would have done if I made it all the way there… #fyp #foryou

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“When I was 6, my grandparents were babysitting me and my cousins. […] There was an airport by my grandparents’ house and we would love to play in the backyard and watch as the Goodyear Blimp flew overhead as it went to go land,” Field explained.

“I don’t know how it works now, but back in ye old days, it was tethered down with ye old rope when it landed, but I guess this time someone forgot to do their job because here I am in the backyard and just here goes this rope right in front of my 6-year-old face,” he continued. “I’m gonna grab the f****** rope. I’m gonna try to climb the rope. I am 6! All my brain know how do is climb rope to blimp!”

In the comments, many people shared their own stories — which, while hilarious now, were probably terrifying then.

“I casually opened the door of the moving vehicle I was in while on the highway and simply rolled out at the age of 5,” one person revealed.

“My grandma lost me when I was 3 at Downtown Disney while my dad and step-mom were on their honeymoon,” another wrote.

Being a parent is exhausting.

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