You can now buy french fry-scented perfume, thanks to the Idaho Potato Commission

Frites by Idaho might be Valentine’s Day’s hottest beauty item — that is, if you like smelling like french fries. The very real, very french fry-scented perfume comes courtesy of the Idaho Potato Commission, the state’s official marketing board for potato growers.

The agency announced its bizarre new product in early February, and naturally, social media immediately went crazy.

Strangely, this is just one of several potato-related announcements to take social media by storm. Recently, Burger King Japan sparked a wave of intrigue after announcing its latest vegetarian sandwich, which replaces meat with a huge patty of fried potatoes. Months before that, the potato farmer’s agency in Belgium surprised citizens — and global news outlets — with a strange recommendation: To please, please eat french fries several times a week.

Social media users had equally strong reactions to Frites by Idaho, which they say embodies the “irresistible essence of potatoes from Idaho.”

Some seemed incredibly excited by the concept.

“I want this,” one Instagram commenter wrote.

“Wow. I’ll need to order some!” a Twitter user wrote.

Others, meanwhile, were a bit more negative.

“Hmm… I love potatoes, but I never thought I’d see this lol,” another Instagram commenter added.

“Don’t really want to go out for a date smelling like McDonald’s, but to each their own,” a Twitter user argued.

Tragically, the debate is a moot point, as Frites by Idaho is currently sold out. The perfume was originally available on the Idaho Potato Commission’s website — for just about the price of a large order of fries — so anyone interested should check back there for restocking.

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