From Nobu to Hermès, this TikToker takes users inside the most luxurious, gatekept restrooms with her ‘Come take a s*** with me’ series

One woman has done the Lord’s work claiming to have visited some of the most elite, coveted restrooms. Luckily, she has an entire TikTok series dedicated to her findings.

Content creator Abbey (@abbeywwwww) began her TikTok series entitled, “Come take a s*** with me @” insert fancy establishment here. Since early March, the Los Angeles-based TikToker claims to have visited several luxurious locations, including The French Laundry, Gucci and The Beverly Hills Hotel.

Early into her series, Abbey allegedly visited Nobu. Of course, she made her way to the restroom where the real research occurred.

“Tough start for Nobu. I literally had to go up steps in heels to get to the bathroom,” she says, in addition to criticizing their “sexist” lack of hooks for her purse, their choice of paper towel and “barely one-ply” toilet paper. Nobu did, however, have a heated toilet seat and built-in bidet.

“This is the content the worlds needs right now”

“A public bidet sounds illegal,” one user wrote.

“the cheap toilet paper is a major fail,” another replied. “cmon NOBU step it up.”

“This is the content the worlds needs right now,” someone said.

Abbey also claims to have paid a visit to Gucci Osteria da Massimo Bottura in Beverly Hills.

“This vanity area is private, so no need for a hook,” she explains. “This bathroom has the same marble as the vanity area, and the mirrors allow me to watch myself while I take a s***.”

“Soap was to die for, water got hot quick, and pressure was great,” she adds.


⭐️4.3 out of 5⭐️ I know it was a lil messy but the marble made me swoon #gucci #gucciosteria #rodeodrive #luxury #michelin #michelinstar #fyp

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

“Mirrors are key. Love being able to see myself while sitting on the throne”

“Your research is crucial. Thank you for your service,” someone replied.

“What about the toilet water height, flush velocity, and seat-feel,” another joked. “I don’t want to go to another toilet reviewer but I will if I need to.”

“Mirrors are key. Love being able to see myself while sitting on the throne,” one user wrote.

More recently, Abbey appears to have visited the Hermès store in San Francisco.

“There’s nothing like a store made for billionaires to make you feel out of place,” Abbey says. “So I went straight to my safe place. Jump scare coming up: Mrs. Meyers soap straight from Target.”


Replying to @Trey very curious what you guys think of this one🤔 #hermes #hermesbirkin #hermeskelly #shittok #capcut #designerbathroom

♬ Blue Blood – Heinz Kiessling

“Hermes literally makes handsoap what a let down”

“Hermes wouldn’t let me use their bathroom when I bought a bracelet. You’re winning,” one TikToker revealed.

“Hermes literally makes handsoap what a let down,” someone wrote.

“I’m shocked you felt comfortable taking a dump in a store with no ambient music,” another said. “Just straight silence.”

Despite being one of the more unconventional series on TikTok, Abbey gives audiences, some of whom may never get the chance to see them in real life, the opportunity to peek into some of the most gatekept locations in the world. As she demonstrates, sometimes even the most luxurious stores fall short in execution.

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