Pizzeria divides Twitter with ‘horrifying’ pizza topping

A pizzeria in Iowa is dividing Twitter after reviving its controversial Froot Loops pizza.

Fong’s Pizza’s “Loopy Fruits Pizza” is made up of sweet cream cheese sauce, a layer of mozzarella cheese and a sprinkle of Froot Loops. The finishing touch is a drizzle of Greek yogurt and some condensed milk.

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“I take back everything I ever said about pineapple on pizza,” oneTwitter user wrote of the dish. “We must unite to fight this common foe.”

“That’s horrifying,” another added.

“WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS TO A PIZZA?!” another lamented.

The Loopy Fruits Pizza first debuted at Fong’s six years ago when the restaurant opened a second location in the suburbs outside Ankeny, Iowa. The suburbs had fewer late-night diners, so the founders decided to add breakfast to its menu.

“We wanted to provide an option that we thought would be fun for children because of the suburban market,” Gwen Page, the co-founder, told TODAY. “But also we love doing things that are just off-the-wall. Like what can we do to give people that truly unique experience?”

Page said that the Loopy Fruits Pizza is not necessarily Fong’s most popular item, but it does get customers talking.

“It’s one of those things where a lot of people are just going to say, ‘Absolutely not, no way,’ and then there’s going to be nothing we can do to get those folks to try it,” she said. “I’m pretty impressed with the good portion of folks who are like ‘Oh, let’s go check it out.’ Life is for living. Go have that unique experience!”

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