These fruit and vegetable carvings take food presentation to a whole new level

Fruit and vegetable carving is a visually mesmerizing phenomenon that’s seeing a revival on TikTok. From flowers and birds to even furniture, these five aesthetic fruit and vegetable carvings take food presentation to the next level.

1. Orange and berry flower baskets

These orange and berry flower baskets are made to impress. The basket shape is created by carving out the top left and right corners of the orange, leaving a sliver in the center for the handle. Once the orange meat is removed and cut into cubes, TikToker @mcsarkeagxygmv makes the flowers by intricately cutting cucumber, strawberries and grapes in half with zigzag edging meant to resemble petals. Finally, they weave orange slices around the perimeter of each basket. 

2. Carrot armchair

This food artist can now add furniture designer to their list of accomplishments with this carrot armchair. The stunning transformation begins with an ordinary carrot stump and ends with a cozy armchair. With a steady hand and a fine blade, they painstakingly carve small details, such as the chair’s cushioning and rounded arms, further bringing the piece to life.

3. Watermelon radish flamingo

This fabulous watermelon radish flamingo from TikToker and craft master Jack (@sculptor_jack) is a reason in itself to throw a party. The hypnotic video shows Jack meticulously slicing and carving a watermelon radish into separate parts that will ultimately result in a breathtaking sculpture of a flamingo perched on a bed of flowers. 

4. Kiwi frog

This amphibian fruit carving will surely make you smile. TikToker @unique.handmadecraft begins with a kiwi canvas with half of the skin removed. Then, with a fine blade, they dig into the kiwi, slicing off corners and etching in details. They add googly eyes as a fun finishing touch, resulting in an adorable frog chilling on a lily pad.  

5. Carrot flower

No food-carving list would be complete without a floral entry, and this carrot flower is especially charming. Each flower part is carved separately and then carefully assembled to form a blossoming carrot lotus that almost looks like the real deal from the base to the petals!

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