Woman stuns TikTok with tour of her bizarre, ‘scary’ hotel room

When TikTok user @theillumegnati arrived at her “Fun Dome” hotel, she had no clue what she was in for.

According to her now-viral video, the TikToker was assigned a hotel during a work trip in Odessa, Texas. Somehow, her bosses chose to put her up at the MCM Grande Hotel & Fun Dome.

The hotel, which many TikTok users called “weird” or “scary,” contains all kinds of bizarre, inexplicable features — many of which seem pretty unhelpful during a work trip.


I decided I love this strange place but I understand why hotels hire designers now. ##texas ##travel ##vibes ##foryou

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For starters, the hotel entrance is decorated with a gigantic, gold-colored rabbit, as well as a large-scale replica of the Ten Commandments. Inside, things get even stranger.

In her tour, @theillumegnati showed that her room opened up to a mini-golf course, a plastic playground and a half-indoor, half-outdoor pool. The lobby, meanwhile, contains a Mexican buffet and an ornate fountain.

Needless to say, TikTok users awestruck. Some found the hotel legitimately unsettling, commenting that they’d be afraid to stay there.

“Could not pay me to stay there my anxiety would not allow it,” one user wrote.

“This scares the living daylights out of me,” another added.

Others, meanwhile, said they were familiar with the hotel, although most still seemed confused by it.

“Weirdest place I’ve ever stayed,” one user wrote.

“I’ve stayed at [one] in Abilene, TX. The Ten Commandments thing freaked me out,” another added.

Of course, there are places like the “fun dome” hotel throughout the U.S., but the fact that @theillumegnati’s stayed there during a business trip seemed to put the place in a new light.

“I decided I love this strange place but I understand why hotels hire designers now,” she concluded in her video’s caption.

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