5 cool new ways to decorate Easter eggs that go beyond dye tablets

Decorating eggs is one of the most fun parts of Easter, and an Easter egg hunt wouldn’t feel the same without a mixed basket of festive, brightly colored eggs. And while the classic dye tablets are a tried and true favorite, it can be fun for you and your kids to switch up your egg decorating game with different methods and materials. If you’re looking for new ways to aesthetically elevate this year’s batch of hard boiled eggs, here are 5 cool ways to decorate Easter eggs

1. Découpage Easter Eggs Using Tissue Paper

All that’s needed for this egg decorating method are colorful scraps of tissue paper and a spray bottle with water. Begin by cutting circles out of colorful sheets of bleeding tissue paper. Next, have your little one layer pieces of tissue paper on their egg and paste them on using the spray bottle. Set aside each finished egg in a cupcake liner during the decorating process. Once all the eggs are decorated, lay them out on a metal drying rack for a few hours. 

2. Decorate Easter Eggs Using Markers & A Plastic Bag

This mess-free egg decorating method is great for little ones. First, have your child color the surface of a small reusable plastic bag with magic markers. Next, have them dip an egg in water, then place the egg on the marker-covered plastic bag. Then, have them wrap the bag around the egg and gently massage the plastic over it to transfer the color.

3. Decorate Easter Eggs Using Whipped Cream & Food Coloring 

Kids will definitely get a kick out of this process of decorating their Easter eggs. Start by filling a plate with whipped cream and adding a few drops of food coloring. Next, have your child use a skewer to combine the colors. Then, have your child roll the eggs through the colors in various directions until they’re completely covered. Let the eggs sit in the cream and food coloring for 15 minutes before gently wiping them off with a paper towel and running them under cool water.  

4. Decorate Easter Eggs Using Baking Soda & Vinegar

This egg-decorating method doubles as a science experiment. First, have your child cover each egg with a mix of baking soda and water. Next, have them place the eggs in a baking dish before adding a few drops of food coloring. Finally, pour in some vinegar and have your child mix the eggs around in the colorful fizzy concoction.  

5. Decorate Easter Eggs Using Permanent Marker, Twine, & Dried Flowers

Dress your eggs in their Sunday best with this simple, mess-free method. Start by taking some ribbon or twine and wrapping it around the top of the egg. Next, use a glue gun to fasten the twine onto the egg. Have your child break off a few pieces of Baby’s Breath and other dried flowers, and let them choose where to place them on the twine before gluing them on to create a mini flower crown. Finally, bring the Easter eggs to life by drawing a face using a black permanent marker.

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