TikTok users are obsessed with this house built right next to an amusement park ride

A home near the Funland amusement park in Rehoboth Beach, Del. is going viral for a very strange reason.

The oddly placed house is just the latest location to raise eyebrows on TikTok. In April, a couple went viral after sharing the bizarre “witches stairs” they found in a home for sale. A month later, a TikToker earned millions of views after discovering an abandoned mall in the basement of her Airbnb.

This latest discovery comes courtesy of user @xackdaddymacdaddy. In the clip, he shared the home he found while on vacation in Rehoboth Beach. The home, as @xackdaddymacdaddy’s video shows, is directly bordering the town’s Funland amusement park.

“When you buy the house sight unseen,” @xackdaddymacdaddy joked in his caption.


And the listing had the audacity to say “conveniently located near the boardwalk” ##Pissed ##falseadvertising ##nosleep ##lol ##FML

♬ Oh No – Kreepa

From the clip, it appears as if the ride at Funland is close enough to literally swing into the home’s side yard. That realization sparked chaos among commenters.

“Legally how does someone build that close to a house?” one user asked.

“House inspections are important for a reason,” another joked.

However, according to several commenters, the home’s location is completely intentional. Many users chimed in to claim that the house’s owners also owned the amusement park itself and stay there during the off-season.

Meanwhile, @xackdaddymacdaddy admitted he had no further information about the house — or its connection to Funland. As he explained in a follow-up clip, he only noticed it because he was staying in an Airbnb across the street.

According to the park’s website, Funland Rehoboth was constructed in the early 1960s. There isn’t much information about where the Fasnacht family — who own the park — live, but it does seem like the ride in @xackdaddymacdaddy’s video is called the Sea Dragon.

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