Gabbie Hanna returns to YouTube after ‘breakdown,’ ‘shadow-banning’ accusations

Gabbie Hanna took a leave of absence from YouTube after having what she described as a “breakdown” and accusing the platform of suppressing her content.

In a 46-minute video in which she announced her return, the YouTube star covered a range of topics, from the reason she left in the first place to an “abusive” friendship she struggled to break free from.

Hanna also discussed her claim that YouTube “shadow-banned” her starting in April 2019 when her content became age-restricted and marked as unsuitable for some monetization. YouTube has denied purposefully suppressing any creators, according to Insider.

Toward the end of the video, Hanna mentioned that she has both a new book and a new album in the works. She said the first single from the album, which is set to be released next month, will be “about Trisha Paytas” and “for Trisha Paytas” — another controversial YouTuber she’s been openly feuding with for the past two years.

The drama between Hanna and Paytas led former Vine star Jessi “Smiles” Vasquez to post an explosive video in which she claimed Hanna tweeted in defense of her former boyfriend, who pleaded guilty to felony charges in 2014 after Vazquez accused him of rape.

Those accusations led to the resurfacing of memes about Hanna, such as a clip from her Genius interview about her song “Monster,” in which she screams part of her song.

Excerpts from her poetry book, “Adultolescence,” were also circulated and later criticized for taking an immature approach to discussing mental health.

In her comeback video, Hanna addressed many of these claims without naming anyone aside from Paytas, but said the true reason she broke down was because of a toxic friendship from her past.

She said she had considered filing a lawsuit against former friends and was “scared for her life” sometimes because of their alleged threats against her. Eventually, she decided not to pursue legal action.

“By doing this and engaging in this forever, I’m only hurting myself,” Hanna said in the video. “And then I finally realized that there’s another option. I could let it go. So this is me letting it go.”

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