How ‘Summer House’ star Gabby Prescod was able to form friendships with the cast amid OG drama

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With some longtime friendships coming to a head on this season of Summer House, it would seem like it might be difficult for a new cast member to establish genuine connections amid the chaos. For Gabby Prescod, though, it was no problem.

The fashion director at large for Blanc Magazine was one of three new additions for Season 7, and she’s made the biggest impression of the bunch so far, striking up friendships with most other women in the house, throwing a big party, trying to calm Kyle Cooke down during a big fight and wasting no time connecting her relationship history with that of Danielle Olivera. Not only that, but it’s clear from her current social media that she’s maintained friendships with Danielle and her former best friend Lindsay Hubbard, despite their falling out later this season.

In the latest episode of In The Know by Yahoo’s pop culture interview series We Should Talk, Gabby opens up about why she decided to join the show, what pal Paige DeSorbo told her about her housemates before summer started and how she was able to strike up relationships with most people in the house. She also discussed watching a difficult conversation that Ciara Miller and Mya Allen had about her back on TV, what she thinks of the Lindsay and Danielle of it all and whether she’d come back for another season.

“It’s always really hard when you hear that people are talking about you behind your back in general. It just so happens that this is now on TV,” Gabby told In The Know about the conversation between Ciara and Mya. “I didn’t know that that conversation happened either, so I’m kind of living it with everybody else at the same time. It’s never a good feeling. Up until that point, I never felt like I had a chance to connect with Ciara on a deeper level — period. So, if that’s your surface level opinion of me and your first impression, that’s fine, but there should be an attempt to try to get to know me.”

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