Gamers amazed by $4,000 microscope on a human finger: ‘Ew we’re leaky’

A science streamer went viral after putting his own finger under a high-powered microscope.

Viewers marveled at Spider_ID’s simple demonstration, which turned out to be a profound insight into the human body. As the streamer zoomed in on his hand, many people watching were shocked when he pointed out the individual pores secreting tiny pools of sweat.

“Ew we’re leaky,” one Redditor noted

“People with trypophobia cringing,” another Redditor joked.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is indeed how your own fingertips would look under the lens of a microscope. You don’t even need a fancy thousand dollar microscope for this — any digital microscope will do.

Those miniscule globes of sweat is why we leave behind fingerprints on almost every surface we touch. As a species, we have the distinction of being the sweatiest animals on the planet. So yes, Cerpicio, we are indeed “leaky.”

But that isn’t a bad thing. Another commenter pointed out that our profuse perspiration is partly how humans became Earth’s most dominant species.

“Sweating is such an OP [overpowered] human feature,” a Redditor said. “Basically the reason we could outrun (stamina, not speed) most animals as hunters.”

It’s true. Although there are plenty of animals that are bigger, stronger and faster than humans, there are none that can outrun us.

Our bodies have evolved to be perfectly adapted to endurance running, from walking on two legs (which conserves energy compared to four-legged runners and minimizes our exposure to harsh sunlight) to sweating buckets (which regulates our internal temperature better than other animals). We have “built-in liquid cooling” as one Redditor put it, to bring things back full circle to video games

As for the streamer himself, Spider_ID (who hasn’t revealed his real name) describes himself as a 30-year-old arachnologist in Sweden. Most of his content involves identifying preserved spiders in the Swedish Malaise Trap Project, which dismayed some potential fans.

“Oh cool so he just does close-ups of random things?” one Redditor thought, until he saw the rest of Spider_ID’s content. “Oh…. Oh no.”

Come on, guys. Spiders can be cute. Give them a chance.

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