Gamers can preview the new Playstation 4 Avengers game a month before its launch

There’s a new way to engage with your favorite Marvel characters.

Playstation 4’s Marvel’s Avengers game is set to drop on September 4, 2020. But if you’re impatient, you’re in luck because the game’s creators at Crystal Dynamics are running a beta version of the game until then. 

The Avengers game doesn’t take place in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and instead pulls storylines from the comic books. The premise is the five-founding members of the Avengers must stop a terrorist organization led by Taskmasker. When the villain kills Captain America, Khamala Khan reassembles the Avengers to stop the bad guys. 

The game demos are expected to run for 25 minutes to introduce players to the heroes and their fighting moves. There are solo play and multiplayer modes for those who prefer the buddy system. 

Each test will feature missions where you can play as heroes like Thor, Kamala Khan and Captain America. You’ll be able to explore small sections of the game’s universe, flex your character’s fighting skills and battle a few big bosses. You’ll even be able to earn gear, perks and level up your heroes. 

To participate in the test runs you’ll need to pre-order the game. Each run will be available on different weekends in August depending on what your console is. PlayStation players get first dibs. Every demo starts at 9 p.m. in your timezone. 

Here’s your Marvel Avengers beta test schedule

  • PlayStation pre-order beta: 9 p.m. August 7 to 9 p.m. August 9
  • Xbox and PC pre-order beta and PlayStation open beta: 9 p.m. August 14 to 9 p.m. August 16 
  • Open beta: 9 p.m. August 21 to 9 p.m. August 23

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