Games Done Quick raised over $2.7 million for Prevent Cancer Foundation

Gaming charity Games Done Quick (GDQ) has raised over $2.7 million for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.

Over the years, Games Done Quick has marathoned speedruns for various charities. For its latest event, Awesome Games Done Quick 2021, the company partnered with the Prevent Cancer Foundation. The marathon ended with over $2.7 million in donations from more than 25,000 donors.

GDQ was in the spotlight in 2020 when another charity partner — Médecins Sans Frontières (or Doctors Without Borders) — revealed some fantastic news: In the past six years, GDQ has raised over $10.5 million for the global health charity. In fact, MSF spokesperson Greta Doucette said that GDQ raised over $3 million for MSF in 2019 alone, which was enough to cover all of MSF’s U.S.-based COVID-19 relief efforts in 2020.

What makes GDQ’s gaming events different from others? Well, all of the participating streamers are speedrunners. A speedrun is a game playthrough with the goal of finishing a game or reaching a certain checkpoint in the game as quickly as possible.

Speedruns can also be modified with additional conditions to make the run more challenging or impressive. For example, most speedruns exploit glitches (or bugs) in a game that allow a player to clip through a wall or skip entire sections. A speedrunner might opt to challenge themselves by doing a glitchless run or maybe by only using a single weapon.

Bubzia, one of the streamers who participated in AGDQ 2021, had perhaps the most impressive run of all. He completed Super Mario 64 in under 40 minutes — while blindfolded.

As with all blind playthroughs, Bubzia was able to do this by meticulously memorizing Super Mario 64’s maps and using the game’s sound cues to verify where he was.

If you’re interested in seeing more highlights from the AGDQ 2021, some Reddit users have compiled a helpful list of standouts for your enjoyment.

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