This garlic hack will ‘change your cooking game’

TikTok chef @boufamilykitchen shared an amazing garlic hack that just might change your cooking game.

TikToker @boufamilykitchen is a home chef who shares delicious recipes and cooking hacks on TikTok. In a recent video, the creative TikToker revealed how she saves time on food prep by freezing minced garlic in cubes. The innovative cooking hack is designed to maximize the flavor of the garlic and make cooking prep easier.

The video begins with a shot of a pan full of sauce. The TikTok chef tosses a small block of frozen garlic into the pan. Then the shot changes to a pan full of sautéd onions. The TikToker, again, tosses a small pre-made block of garlic into the pan to add flavor to her dish. 

“I’m about to show you a kitchen hack that’s going to change your cooking game,” the TikToker explains. “We’ve had a few messages asking what these fantastic little blocks are, and here they are!” 

The chef starts her garlic demonstration by filling a pot with two pounds of garlic cloves. She washes the garlic cloves in water, then transfers half of the cloves to a food processor.

“I take half of the garlic cloves, add them to the food processor, add a touch of salt and a healthy portion of olive oil,” the TikToker explains.

After blending up the garlic cloves, the TikToker transfers them to a bowl. Then she blends up the second batch, adding salt and olive oil once again.

“Now please don’t forget the olive oil, or any oil that you prefer,” she advises. “Just make sure it doesn’t have a strong taste. But ultimately, the olive oil is going to help the garlic, though frozen, stay at least a little bit soft.”

After blending the second batch of garlic, the chef begins spooning the minced garlic into silicone ice cube trays. “Doing it at home will really change everything,” she claims. “The garlic blocks you get from the frozen section at the supermarket are full of water and aren’t very strong in taste.”

Once the ice cube trays are full of garlic, the TikToker places them in the freezer. Once frozen, the garlic is ready to cook whenever you want. Simply remove a cube of garlic from the tray when you’re ready to cook, toss it in the pan, and enjoy the garlicky flavor it adds to your dish.

TikTokers offer their own hacks

TikTokers couldn’t get enough of the TikTok chef’s innovative hack and shared some of their own suggestions in the comments section. 

“I also do this with onions, but I sauté the onions first. I only chop onions once every three months,” one TikToker shared. 

“Been doing this for years. Blend separately garlic, dried chilies, red onion. Cooking has never been easier!” another TikToker wrote. 

“This would be so useful for garlic butters! Certainly going to use this!” commented another viewer. 

If you can’t get enough garlicky flavor in your food, this TikTok chef’s brilliantly easy hack might just be for you!

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